AUTONET : system for residual volume management

The AUTONET function allows, from the cab, the sequential dilution of residual volumes and tank residues.

The quantity of clean water to be transferred to the main tank is user defined. After transfer, the diluted chemicals will be sprayed on the field.

The quantity of water transferred depends on an adjustable timer based on the initial tank residues.

Several versions are available :

  • AUTONET by gravity
  • AUTONET integrated
  • AUTONET by gravity : an electric motorized valve is installed between the rinsing tank and the main tank. Fresh water is transferred to the main tank by gravity. Residues left in the deep sump are diluted

  • AUTONET integrated : The transfer is carried out by a motorized valve installed between the sprayer pump and the rinsing tank.

    When the cycle is launched, the valve opens and the sprayer pump takes fresh water from the rinsing tank and feeds the tank washing nozzles (Lav’Ton) located in the main tank, thoroughly washing the main tank’s walls and diluting the chemical residues.

  • AUTONET ED : the transfer valve is replaced by a dedicated pump (PM150 – 60 l/min).

    When the rinsing cycle is launched, the pump is driven by a hydraulic motor and takes fresh water from the rinsing tank and pushes it to the rotating tank nozzles (Lav’Ton).

    Tank walls are washed and chemical residues are diluted.

    • Removal of tank residues in an environmentally friendly way : in accordance with legal regulations
    • Tank residue management from the cab : no intervention close to the sprayer, no risk of contamination for the operator
    • Cleaning of residual volumes :complete main tank cleaning and residual volume. Complete waste management in fields without storage at the farm

Download the AUTONET leaflet

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