AXAIR pneumatic suspension

TECNOMA‘s pneumatic suspension since 1995. AXAIR is consisting of an integrated compressor, air tank, levelling valve and two air suspension bags.

The system works automatically, no specific connection, no operator intervention. AXAIR is an axle dynamic suspension with load correction.

User benefits :

  • Absorbs all vibrations and bumps generated by rough fields (high frequencies), absorbs shocks and waves (low frequencies) : Comfort, flexibility and stability regardless if the sprayer is full or empty.  Boom structure protected. Less maintenance, greater working speed
  • Ensures better stability on the road : Increase of speed (40 km/h) on the road. Better yield
  • Constant height between the ground and the boom : the distance between the nozzle and the target is respected for good application
  • Dynamic suspension with load correction : the sprayer performances while working are equal and ensured regardless of the load (full tank/ empty tank



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