ITOP and ITOP-S controller

« ISOBUS ISO 11783 » technology for volumetric proportional flow to forward speed DPAE 

 ITOP-S and ITOP integrates following functions :

  • Volume per hectare programming, parameters setting
  • Sections control : compatible up to 18 sections with AGP
  • Hydraulic : direct access to each function (to Circuit Selector (SC) or individual function controls (ED))
  • Informations : permanent display of forward speed, volume/hectar programmed and sprayed, pressure, status of each boom section, access to plot management (up to 20 plots), for volume and area sprayed, distance travelled and working time.

ITOP-S/ITOP controller also integrates a « task manager ».

It is supplied with one « MULTI »ergonomic joystick.

Options :

  • Depending on the choice of options, attachments such as foam marker, boom end nozzles, AUTONET or boom lights
  • Can be connectid to one « S-BOX » for localised boom section control
  • Precision agriculture : GPS ALL IN ONE BY TECNOMA
    • ITOP controller can be equipped with DGPS guidance system (using GPS satellite receiver). A light bar for guidance is integrated in the screen 
    • ITOP is compatible with automatic boom section control option (automatic ON/OFF according to area to spray) 
    • Connection for USB stick enables to save and upload informations under ISO XML and SHP formats.
    • USB stick also enables to transfer datas to PC famr management software (ISO XML or SHP formats) for traceability.
    • Variable Rate Application (VRA) can also be used via USB stick. This requires a specific farm management software and/or prescription map compatible with ISO XML or SHP formats. 


    • Color touchscreen  8 »
    • 1 socket for analogue work camera
    • Pre-equipped for SIM card and GSM modem
    • Compatible with Auto-steering option


    • Large colour touchscreen 12,1 »
    • 1 socket for analogue work camera
    • GSM Modem  integrated
    • Pre-equipped for SIM card
    • Compatible with Auto-steering option
    • Dual portrait or 5 screens lanscape format 


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