NOVAFLOW – Filling management

It consists of a console, a 2’’ flowmeter, a 2’’ motorized valve and a full tank sensor. The operator records the quantity required in the tank and starts the filling process. The flowmeter records the liters while filling.

When the quantity selected is reached, the valve is automatically closed or when the tank is full.

With NOVAFLOW, the user manages independently the filling of the main tank or the rinsing tank.

The console, located in the operating area with a direct link with the Terminal in cab (NOVATOP, NOVATOP VISIO and ITOP-S, ITOP), reminds in particular the remaining volume in tank.

With TECTRONIC version, the console has no direct link with the Terminal in the cab.

NOVAFLOW also helps the user to operate the multi-way valves by showing him the different operations required.

NOVAFLOW PA : the manual rotary selector valves are replaced with motorized and electronically controlled valves.

The user selects the required function and the NOVAFLOW PA will automatically set the valves in the right position. NOVAFLOW PA is a real personal assistant to spraying, filling and rinsing functions. Most used cycles can be programmed. When the operator selects a specific cycle, NOVAFLOW PA will suggest the best suited functions in the best logical sequence. The operator can also program there own cycles.

User benefits :

  • Full tank sensor : no risk of overfilling and accidental pollution
  • Filling accuracy : the residual volumes management is simplified
  • Help for operating process : help to avoid mistakes and accidental contaminations. Prevents a possible contamination between circuits



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