O.S.S. (Optimal Spray Switch) is a nozzle-holder for 2 or 4 nozzles. Each of the nozzles has a pneumatic anti-drip device.

The operator programs on the Terminal in cab (NOVATOP, NOVATOP VISIO or ITOP-S, ITOP) min. and max. pressure thresholds to suit the technical characteristics of the nozzle being used.

This system can be used for chemical and fertilizer applications.

Since spraying, when the upper pressure threshold is reached, it automatically switches to a nozzle of a higher caliber and inversely when the flow rate drops.

The automatic switching can be done from one nozzle to another, but according to the flow rates and pressure ranges, it possible to work with a combination of several nozzles simultaneously.

Parameters to enter in the Terminal :

  • Liters/ha
  • Maximum pressure
  • Minimum pressure
  • Droplet size required (fine, medium, coarse)


Bénéfices utilisateurs :

  • Large variation in speed rate and variable rate application of the dose : accurate application with optimized droplet sizes
  • Control of the pressure and droplet size : significant reduction of the drift thanks to the control of droplet size. Easy use in buffer zones
  • Increase of speed variation and opportunity to increase working speed : yield equals quality
  • Automatic choice of nozzle to use : operator safety, no more contact with the nozzles, thus with chemicals.  No risk of contamination




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Look at the O.S.S. (VARIOSELECT) video