Permanent boom circulation with AGP (pneumatic anti-drip device)

The distribution is done by pneumatic valves able to switch on/off all the nozzle-holders with pneumatic anti-drip devices.

The return flow is calibrated and precisely monitored by a return flowmeter.

The circuit is fitted with a manual valve in order to switch off the circulation if desired.

The permanent boom circulation with AGP works regardless of viscosity, density or working pressure

User benefits :

  • Simple operation without calibration of the tip and the nozzles : time gain and easy operation, extreme accuracy of the regulation
  • Pneumatic anti-drip device : High reactivity of on/off switch to obtain instant shut off. Ability to configure the sections to the requested dimensions up to 18 sections and even nozzle/nozzle with I.N.C.S
  • Permanent boom circulation on the road and in the field, the product permanently circulates in the boom : nozzles blockages and clogging are considerably reduces, the regulation operates precisely and evenly with ultra-low volumes, homogeneous spray liquid, instant priming of each boom sections at the beginning of the field, vomplete dilution : tank residues + water circuit volume + boom lines, frost protection…




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