PRECIJET spraying

PRECIJET = application control and drift reduction.
PRECIJET : a spraying system with allows you to reduce chemical quantities without reducing chemical application to the plant.

Air flow assisted face by face spraying system.

  • Polyethylene tube : light, robust and shock resistant
  • Cone shape tube : fluidity through the rows and equal speed and volume from the top to the bottom of the air output
  • Retractable attachment with automatic return in case of collision
  • 21 hp turbine : low power and fuel consumption
  • Linear air flow all the way up : equal application
  • 1250 mm high for standard PRECIJET : 4 nozzles/face with orientation adjustment and height settings
  • MonoStop nozzle-holder with anti-drip DCV 
  • Hollow cone ceramic nozzles : perfect rate control and durability


    • Equal application and air distribution along the boom
    • Optimum spray penetration into the canopy
    • Perfect rate control of the micronisation thanks to ISO nozzles 
    • Air speed control depending on vegetation density
    • Spray localisation according to vegetation height
    • Possibility to work without air assistance (usually at the beginning of the season)
    • Optimized air flow
    • Atmospheric and ground drift reduction : chemical rate reduction without reducing application to the plant
    • schema-precijet-gbpsd


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