Tracking / steering axle


TECNOMA steering axle is consisting of 2 x ½ sliding articulated (mechanical track adjustment). Each stub axle is connected one toe the other by a steering rod linked to a double acting hydraulic cylinder and a steering sensor. A gyroscope, installed on the tractor, controls the steering axle. An optional slope sensor allows a semi-automatic slope compensation on hill sides.

User benefits :

  • Only linked to the tractor by a gyroscope, no mechanical or electrical components exposed when hitching or when spraying : user-friendly hitching, easy use, reliable and maintenance free. No mechanical link between the sprayer and the tractor. Easily adjustable whatever the tractor
  • A proportional hydraulic valve optimizes the progressiveness and softness in the field : boom stability guaranteed. Precise and comfortable movements
  • Steering axle : crop preserved in U-turn and rapid realignment
  • Tracking/steering axle : versatility of the function, in U-turn and when working
  • Semi-automatic tracking axle : allows a correction of tracking wheels on slopes. Allows automatic slope compensation on hill sides



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