Regulation proportional to the forward speed (DPAE)

VITITOP has the same functions than VITITEC regulation. It is also compatible with ISOBUS tractors. It gives also access to Precision viticulture thanks to GPS localisation.

This regulation works with a flowmeter. The regulation valve adapts the spray and flow according to the forward speed to apply the same rate anywhere on the vineyard.

The flowmeter is insensitive to pressure, viscosity or density.

User benefit : no calibration to be done before spraying.

  • ISOBUS controller in cab with joystick
  • Speed information thanks to the speed sensor of tractor
  • Regulation by electronic pressure sensor and regulation valve
  • Up to 7 sections
  • Boom height adjustment in headlands : automatic management

User benefits : easy use, parameters to set : l/ha, working width and number of nozzles / face

Precision viticulture ready :

  • Guidance
  • Automatic boom sections control
  • Traceability

VITITOP Interface

    • ISOBUS 11783 Terminal 
    • Colour LCD screen 15 cm
    • Ergonomic joystick 
    • USB stick for exchanging with PC
    • Connection for GPS receiver
    • Tasks manager
    • 1 socket for a reverse camera

    JOYSTICK : all spraying and hydraulic functions required for your work at your fingertips.

    USB STICK : transfers and stores jobs carried out between the Terminal and the work computer (SHP or ISOXML format)

    TASKS MANAGER : this is a file manager integrated into the Interface. It monitors the work completed or to be carried out (planning, documentation and parameter setting for the work, transfer of information with a PC)

    ISOBUS INTERFACE (ISO 11783) : the universal socket connects the tool and the tractor simply and reliably. The Interface instantly recognises the tool connected. This is the Plug & Play.
    The tractor (S.T.P, TXH 110 and AXH 110) equipped with VITITOP Interface allows a connection with all ISOBUS tools.

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