I.N.C.S. and O.S.S. (Varioselect), equipments for eco-effective agricultural practices


TECNOMA offers solutions for new farming practices. Better application, chemicals reduction.

I.N.C.S. : Individual Nozzle Control System.
On a sprayer equipped with auto section control, I.N.C.S. will control each nozzle individually to reduce overlap to a minimum.
Each pneumatic valve block controls 4 nozzle-holders : one nozzle = one section
Each nozzle can be switched on/off according to sprayer geographical position in the fied to spray the right zone.
No more double application. 

User benefits : gain product and agronomic approach by optimizing crop quality

O.S.S. (Varioselect) : A response to the limitations of nozzles

O.S.S. : to obtain a homogeneous spraying regardless the variations of speed or flow rate.
O.S.S. allows an automatic switching of one nozzle to another according to the flow rates and pressure ranges. It is possible to work with a combination of several nozzles simultaneously.  

– Accurate application with optimized droplet sizes
– Large variation in speed rate and variable rate appication of the dose
– Agronomy in the heart of the application
– Significant reduction of the drift thanks to the control of droplet size
– Easy use in buffer zones