Permanent boom circulation with AGP

A TECNOMA solution for a sustainable viticulture

With PRECIJET spraying system, this device allows a permanent circulation (chemicals or clean water) in the water circuit up to the diffusers and the cut off of each nozzle thanks to a pneumatic anti-drip device (AGP). The pneumatic anti-drip device is driven by air pressure via a compressor. 

This equipment offers a lot of benefits :

  • Agronomic
  • Environmental
  • For operator safety

This equipment meets multiple needs :

  • No intervention when spraying 
  • Optimum protection of the target
  • Losses of chemicals outside of the vine plots are eliminated 
  • 100 % efficient rinsing without risk for the vineyard 


The right dose, in the right place, at the right moment

PRECIJET spraying

PRECIJET has been designed for a face by face spraying in the row.
• Spray localisation according to vegetation height
• Equal application and air distribution along the boom
• Optimum spray penetration into the canopy
• Dirft reduction : chemical quantities reduced

Linear air flow assisted face by face spraying system
• The vertical homogeneity of air flow provides optimum spray penetration and drift control according to vegetation height
• The combination of  1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 nozzles on the height allows complete coverage while being close to the vegetation 
• PRECIJET uses low air volume :  450mm turbine and  21 HP. Low power and low fuel consumption
• MonoStop nozzle-holder with anti-drip device. Possibility to work without air assistance, usually at the beginning of the season. Ajustable nozzle-holder angle in a vertical plane. 
• Trapped insert at the base of the tube : possibility to set easily a specific equipment for soil spraying


New multiple boom arm fold. Rear vertical folding – 21 up to 30 m

  • A large number of sections to increase accuracy and reduce the use of chemicals (from 6 upto 13
    or nozzle/nozzle with INCS system)
  • A compatibility with « new technologies » options to develop a great precision farming
  • A protected and continuously spraying line with, while working, a deflector to reduce turbulence
    caused by wind and speed
  • Pipe length minimized and diameter optimized (19 mm) to reduce the dead volumes
  • PENTAJET nozzle-holders with integrated leds (optional) for an optimal lighting when working at
  • A connection system using carriercurrent technology : the pneumatic solenoid valves (if permanent
    boom circulation with AGP) are supplied on a single line. This innovative system allows the
    reduction of connections to increase the reliability and facilitates the modification of sections number
  • Minimal spacing of 250 mm between the nozzles to adapt the method of application and coverage
    to specific crops
  • Hydraulic tilt control (slope correction) for working on slopes of 40%
  • A boom frame to meet the vertical and horizontal stresses


A new boom suspension SMART-ACTIVE (TECNOMA patented : a slope correction cylinder with a dual function cross rod) :

  • Slope correction with boom levelling system
  • Active damping of the boom. When working, the cylinder is connected to 2 hydraulic and controlled
    accumulators. The system absorbs the bumps
  • The pressure is adjustable / controlled according to the working conditions
  • Every time you use the slope correction function, the hydraulic accumulators are automatically
    readjusted in pressure

I.N.C.S. and O.S.S. (Varioselect), equipments for eco-effective agricultural practices


TECNOMA offers solutions for new farming practices. Better application, chemicals reduction.

I.N.C.S. : Individual Nozzle Control System.
On a sprayer equipped with auto section control, I.N.C.S. will control each nozzle individually to reduce overlap to a minimum.
Each pneumatic valve block controls 4 nozzle-holders : one nozzle = one section
Each nozzle can be switched on/off according to sprayer geographical position in the fied to spray the right zone.
No more double application. 

User benefits : gain product and agronomic approach by optimizing crop quality

O.S.S. (Varioselect) : A response to the limitations of nozzles

O.S.S. : to obtain a homogeneous spraying regardless the variations of speed or flow rate.
O.S.S. allows an automatic switching of one nozzle to another according to the flow rates and pressure ranges. It is possible to work with a combination of several nozzles simultaneously.  

– Accurate application with optimized droplet sizes
– Large variation in speed rate and variable rate appication of the dose
– Agronomy in the heart of the application
– Significant reduction of the drift thanks to the control of droplet size
– Easy use in buffer zones