• NOZAL nozzles manufacturing

    NOZAL nozzles manufacturing

  • NOZAL nozzles setting

    NOZAL nozzles setting

  • NOZAL nozzles

    NOZAL nozzles

  • NOZAL nozzles

    NOZAL nozzles

NOZAL is for over 20 years the French specialist of the large crop scale spray nozzle.
NOZAL ensures high precision : its nozzles wear well and are resistant to chemical corrosion.
The manufacture and control stages are held at our factory in Epernay (France).

Plant protection is very important for a thriving cultivation. NOZAL has developed nozzles that adjust to all conditions of use.

Through its range, NOZAL offers :

  • Flat fan nozzles for a perfect micronization and application
  • Drift control low pressure nozzles for a perfect coverage
  • Drift control high pressure nozzles really suitable for wind conditions
  • Twin flat drift control nozzles advised to some applications : high growth and cob
  • Nozzles specialized in homogeneous liquid fertilizer applications without burning risk
The manufacturing of nozzles is part of field of precision engineering. All NOZAL’s products are manufactured with ISO standards which regulate the flow and distribution accuracy.
To do is, NOZAL has a Research and Development office as well as a modern and efficient industrial process.
In a qualitive aim, nozzles are inspected and tested after the manufacturing process.

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