New multiple boom arm fold. Rear vertical folding – 21 up to 30 m

  • A large number of sections to increase accuracy and reduce the use of chemicals (from 6 upto 13
    or nozzle/nozzle with INCS system)
  • A compatibility with « new technologies » options to develop a great precision farming
  • A protected and continuously spraying line with, while working, a deflector to reduce turbulence
    caused by wind and speed
  • Pipe length minimized and diameter optimized (19 mm) to reduce the dead volumes
  • PENTAJET nozzle-holders with integrated leds (optional) for an optimal lighting when working at
  • A connection system using carriercurrent technology : the pneumatic solenoid valves (if permanent
    boom circulation with AGP) are supplied on a single line. This innovative system allows the
    reduction of connections to increase the reliability and facilitates the modification of sections number
  • Minimal spacing of 250 mm between the nozzles to adapt the method of application and coverage
    to specific crops
  • Hydraulic tilt control (slope correction) for working on slopes of 40%
  • A boom frame to meet the vertical and horizontal stresses


A new boom suspension SMART-ACTIVE (TECNOMA patented : a slope correction cylinder with a dual function cross rod) :

  • Slope correction with boom levelling system
  • Active damping of the boom. When working, the cylinder is connected to 2 hydraulic and controlled
    accumulators. The system absorbs the bumps
  • The pressure is adjustable / controlled according to the working conditions
  • Every time you use the slope correction function, the hydraulic accumulators are automatically
    readjusted in pressure