The right dose, in the right place, at the right moment

PRECIJET spraying

PRECIJET has been designed for a face by face spraying in the row.
• Spray localisation according to vegetation height
• Equal application and air distribution along the boom
• Optimum spray penetration into the canopy
• Dirft reduction : chemical quantities reduced

Linear air flow assisted face by face spraying system
• The vertical homogeneity of air flow provides optimum spray penetration and drift control according to vegetation height
• The combination of  1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 nozzles on the height allows complete coverage while being close to the vegetation 
• PRECIJET uses low air volume :  450mm turbine and  21 HP. Low power and low fuel consumption
• MonoStop nozzle-holder with anti-drip device. Possibility to work without air assistance, usually at the beginning of the season. Ajustable nozzle-holder angle in a vertical plane. 
• Trapped insert at the base of the tube : possibility to set easily a specific equipment for soil spraying