Pneumatic VITIVARIO boom

Boom fitted on hydraulic vertical runner. 2 hydraulic independent lateral folding arms mounted on a horizontal runner giving hydraulic lateral setting.

All boom’s maneuvers are sequential. Cannons are fitted on 2 lateral sites. They are adjustable (manual or electric with TELESIT option).

Options available :

  • Hands with 2 fingers mounted on setback on the arms instead of the boom frame
  • 2 hands with 4 fingers mounted on setback on the arms instead of 4 cannons

Distribution by means of 2 solenoid valves to control 2 independent sides by joystick. The joystick controls also the options of TELESIT or hydraulic lift.

Hydraulic equipment required : 1 DA (Double Acting) for circuit selector (controls with the joystick) right arm + runner / left arm + runner and 1 DA for hydraulic lift

tecnoma_rampe_vitivario_pulverisation_pneumatique                              tecnoma_vitivario_main_revers

          Standard equipment                                                Assembly with 2 hands/4 backhand fingers (option)